Why having a website is important for every small businessman

Last week I was thinking about how many businesses don’t have a website. Depending on what report you look at anywhere from 44% to 51% of small businesses do not have a website. When I saw this statistic for the first time I could not believe it. As I called a list of local shops, I quickly found out that most of them don’t have a website. Now I understand how this website may actually be true. I was shocked. It made me think I should write an article on why having a website is important for small businesses if they want to get new customers, or even just keep their existing ones. This articles summarizes all of the reasons that came to me as I wrote the article. I am sure there are more, but these are main reasons that stick out to me. In my opinion everyone should have a website no matter either ‘paanwala, toy seller, a big jewellery shops or a mithaiwaala’’ because they are so inexpensive and yet so effective, hopefully my article will help you in determining if a website would be beneficial for your business.

93% Of Business Purchase Decisions Start With A Website only

A website is the first step to building an online presence for your small business. It not only helps your customers find you, but it enables them to get a better understanding of your offerings, thus raising the chances of a walk-in or conversion. In order to gain new customers you need to understand where your prospects go when they are looking to find suppliers, research suppliers and make a purchase. In today’s world the place where most people in most markets go is to the internet, specifically a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing. These search engines are the big three (in that order) and account for over 90% of all searches. Google is by far the biggest with about 6 of every 10 searches. With 93% of business decisions starting with a search engine search that means if you don’t have a website, you are only selling to 7% of your market. That is right, you are reducing the potential size of your business by 93%. I would suggest that the same statistic for consumer purchases is lower but still very high, especially for larger ticket items. The larger the item, the more research and shopping people will do. My guess is probably 40-50% of consumer purchases start with an online search.

For the consumer, Website has made information more accessible. The Internet is home to over 1 billion website, Although only a small majority are active, these websites nonetheless function as valuable resources of information.

Search is the number one activity on the Internet.
Every day people are constantly searching for information that covers a need or interest. Now that mobile technology has grown to a point that it accounts for 65% of online traffic, information can be had in the palm of a consumer’s hand. Likewise, for business owners, digital technology has made the consumer more accessible. The Internet has become a two-way street. A consumer who needs your products and services can find you online through a variety of avenues. He/she can perform a search, visit your social media page, or look for your business on an Internet

But why wait for the customer to find you when you can reach out and find him/her?

This is why small business owners should invest in digital marketing. It creates avenues for you to be found and to find your own customers.

A business website means your company can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can engage with your brand long after you’ve shut up shop and gone home.

A website is not just a domain which show the presence of your business on the Internet

A website is like your giant public bulletin board where people can get information on how to find you, where you are located, what you have to offer, why your service is unique, and what’s new in your company. It also is easily updated and changed frequently, and is a communication forum through which your customers can communicate back to you with questions, concerns and feedback on their needs.

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